“I charge $100/min for three minutes minimum, and it will usually centre around me saying that they will never be with me,” says porn star Charlotte Lavish*. “Sometimes they have specific phrases they want me to say … or their name.”

If a viewer wants to see Lavish act out a more specific scenario with sex toys, props or costumes, she makes it clear how that can happen. “If I don’t have something they want me to use, I’ll put it on my Amazon wish list and they’ll purchase it for me to use in their vid,” she says. “I am getting mostly humiliation and tease and denial requests at the moment. That doesn’t require much.”

Lavish performs on OnlyFans, the UK-based digital platform that allows content creators to earn money directly from the ‘fans’ who subscribe to their content. “Sign up to make money and interact with your fans!” reads the site’s tagline – and the media is full of stories about the crazy amounts of money some OnlyFans creators are making.