Building the kind of brand reputation Charlotte Lavish has doesn’t come easy.

The mean feat established by the businesswoman takes a measure of effort, time, and dedication, plus an ample dose of creative juice to get things right.

A successful social media influencer and content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers on her accounts on platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans, Charlotte gives a peek into what a typical day in the life of a content creator looks like.

Although the general perception leans towards the idea that content creation is easy, the reality couldn’t be more contrary. So what does it require to create great contents that will get optimal tractions?

To find out, Charlotte Lavish offers a peek in a recent interview, where she talks about her life, her goals going into the future, and what she does on a typical day.

For Charlotte, her day starts as early as 7AM, when she gets in touch with her assistant to get the ball rolling.